My Experience as an Undergraduate

As an undergraduate I majored in Applied Mathematics and minored in Physics and Theatre/Dance. I regularly took 18+ credits because I was completing two minors, Honors in General Education, and of course – because I’m just that insane. I also completed an ethics minor, but they didn’t have a field for a third minor, so there’s no record of it.

I was a strange math major because every Friday was filled with dance classes, and I never took the Putnam because I had a dance show that conflicted every year I could have taken it. I performed in multiple plays, danced and choreographed for the university dance showcases as well as local theatres. I also spent 5 hours a week tutoring in the physics lab, graded papers for multiple math courses, served in our local SPS chapter, served as treasurer of our math club, and worked 20 hours a week between multiple offices on our campus.

I realize that the common reaction to the words “Chico State” are the words “Party School” – sorry to disappoint, but I didn’t exactly fit in that category. I was extremely lucky to be at a university that not only offers Applied Mathematics as a major, but also has a wonderful Physics Department – I learned quickly to take any and all classes I could in both areas because they brought out some sort of twisted joy, and lots of pain. I completed more than was required for my physics minor. I then went on to complete my PhD in Applied Mathematics, but I never let go of my love of physics – or dance – so they show up in my math classes periodically.